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State Benefits

Northeastern Technical College offers a comprehensive benefits package through the state government of South Carolina. We strive to provide you with benefit options that meet the needs of you and your family. Employees may choose from several health insurance plans and retirement plans to meet their individual needs.

My Benefits

Employee Leave
Annual Leave

Annual leave may be used for personal business and vacation. Employees accrue 9.38  hours per month until their 10th year of employment and then they receive an extra 1.25 days per year. Upon separation from State Service, an employee will receive compensation for up to 45 days of unused annual leave. The maximum amount that may be carried over from the calendar year to year is 45 days.

Faculty Non-Work

Faculty non-work days are scheduled within the academic calendar by the institution in lieu of the accrual of annual leave and in recognition of the normal State Holidays provision is made to grant faculty non-work days. Up to five days not scheduled or not taken by the end of the academic term may be carried over each academic year. Non-work days are granted based on the number of completed years of continuous State Service as of the beginning of the fall term. Non-work days must be taken in full-day increments.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is used for absences because of personal illness or injury, exposure to a contagious disease, pregnancy, medical and dental appointments. Ten days of sick leave a year may also be used for dependent care of spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or other dependents. The maximum amount of sick leave that may be carried over from calendar year to year is 180 days. Sick leave is accrued at a rate of 9.38 hours (1.25 days) per month or 15 days per year. Please note that employees with at least 12 months of service with the State may be eligible for additional unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. Call the Human Resources Department for more information at (843) 921-6900.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

If the employee or the employee's spouse, parent, son or daughter has a serious health condition that prevents the employee from working the employee may qualify for FMLA. FMLA grants either paid or unpaid leave for 12 weeks each calendar year. If the employee feels that they may qualify for FMLA and they know in advance that they will be out of work, then they should complete an Application for Leave of Absence Form Under the FMLA and bring it or mail it to the Human Resources Department. The employee will receive a response from the Human Resources Department that informs them of the guidelines Northeastern Technical College expects the employee to adhere to as while the application is being considered under FMLA. A Request for Leave Form should be completed at this time for either paid or unpaid leave time. The HR Department is committed to explaining the employee's rights and the process to each applicant so the process will flow as smoothly as possible for the employee in such difficult times.

Medical Benefits
Health Insurance

There are several different options for health insurance from the State Health Plan Options to an HMO. You will be given an Insurance Benefits Guide with the price of each individual insurance program. You may choose coverage as follows: employee only, employee and children, employee and spouse or full family coverage. *Medi-call must be called for each hospital admission. Pre-certification for planned hospital admission or within 48-hours for emergency admissions this is a requirement and failure to do so may result in higher costs for the employee.

State Health Options:
State Health Plan

Dental Insurance

The State provides dental insurance free for all full-time employees. Employees must pay for their dependents. The insurance carrier is Blue Cross/Blue Shield of SC. Employees may also choose a supplemental plan in addition to their basic Dental Plan called Dental Plus. The entire cost of Dental Plus is paid by the employee. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for more information.

Life Insurance

The total life insurance that an employee receives at no charge is as follows: 
If covered under a Health Insurance Plan $3,000 
* Under the SCRS 1 x (Annual Salary) (effective after 1 year of membership)

Optional Life Insurance

Employees may elect to participate in the State's Optional Life Insurance program. Premiums vary according to an employee's age and the amount of coverage that is elected. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for more information.

Dependent Life Insurance

An employee may purchase a life insurance policy on their dependents that will pay $20,000 to the employee in case of death of the spouse and $15,000 in case of death of a dependent child. Please refer to your Insurance Benefits Guide for more information.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits

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