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Financial Assistance

Funding is often perceived as a major roadblock for people wishing to go to college, but more than 80 percent of Northeastern Technical College's students receive some form of financial assistance to help them pay for their education.

To help ease the financial burden for South Carolina college students and their families, the South Carolina General Assembly has created an income tax credit for tuition paid to South Carolina colleges and universities. To claim the credit, a Form SC 1040 must be filed. When preparing the South Carolina income tax return, Form I-319 Tuition Tax Credit must be completed. This form is included with all state individual income tax booklets. For more information about the tax credit, please visit the South Carolina Tuition Tax Credit website.

Our knowledgeable staff in the Office of Student Financial Assistance is here to help you understand and start the financial aid process, so you can achieve your education and career goals.


FA Help Desk – Questions Regarding Financial Assistance
(843) 921-6991

Katrina Blue
Administrative Specialist

FA Help Desk - Questions Regarding Financial Assistance

(843) 921 -6991

Nancy Edwards
Administrative Specialist

Location: Room 112, Ingram Hall, NETC's Cheraw campus
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Friday 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Fax: (843) 865-5059

School Code:   007602

Financial Assistance Process
  1. Get started by completing the FAFSA form. Start now!
  2. Know your enrollment status. Learn more.
  3. Know the award process. Learn more.
  4. Verification sometimes needed. Learn more.
  5. Check your financial aid status. Learn more.

I am a transfer student ... 

If you would like to transfer to NETC, make sure you add NETC's school code (007602) to your FAFSA form. If you completed your FAFSA form online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Make Corrections to Processed FAFSA.
  3. "In the school section, add the code 007602.
  4. Click to "Submit my FAFSA now."

If you filed your FAFSA form by paper/mail, and you received a Student Aid Report, locate the DRN number in the bottom left-hand corner of the first page. Call 1-800-4FEDAID or 1-800-433-3243 and have NETC's school code added to your FAFSA.

Note: NETC's Financial Assistance Office cannot accept your award letter from another institution. Certain types of financial aid awarded may not transfer to another institution. FAFSA-on-the-Web confirmations/printouts are not acceptable.

Any NETC student wanting to take classes at another college while enrolled at NETC will not receive financial assistance for the course(s) taken at the host college. A student cannot receive financial aid from two institutions during the same semester.

I am a transient (summer) student ...

If you would like to be a transient student at NETC, you must contact your home institution (the college that will issue your degree, diploma or certificate) to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. NETC does not award financial aid to transient students. The college only awards financial aid to people enrolled as regular students in an eligible program at NETC.

If you are eligible for financial aid from your home institution, you should check with your school to make sure payment will be made to NETC. You should also check with NETC's Cashier's Office by calling (843) 921-6947 to make sure they have the necessary paperwork from your school to cover fees. If the needed paperwork is not on file, NETC may require that you pay your fees before attending classes.

Learn more about BankMobile Disbursements: 


To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

Available Financial Assistance

Federal, state and local programs provide numerous financial aid opportunities to make your college education possible. Search for funding assistance:

Federal Aid

State Aid

Other Aid

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