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Student Records

The Office of Student Services maintains student records on all actively enrolled students in its records office.

These records consist of, but are not limited to the following documents:

  • Admissions and/or Readmit Applications
  • High School Transcripts (if applicable), College Transcripts (if applicable), Placement Test Scores;
  • Change of Curriculum Forms, Change of Name and Address Forms, Change of Grade Forms;
  • Transfer Credit Evaluations for Academic Advanced Standing (if applicable); and
  • General Admissions and Registrar Services Correspondence.

The responsibility for the protection of the privacy of student educational records rests primarily with the records office. Northeastern Technical College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and coordinates the disposition of student records with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

Information retained in the student's permanent academic record housed in the vault located in the Office of Student Services may include the following:

  • Academic transcripts from high school or GED certificate
  • Placement test scores
  • Acceptance letter
  • Change of curriculum form
  • Placement test scores
  • Change of grade forms

NETC must maintain a master academic record (transcript) for all former and current students for 75 years as noted in the Records Retention Schedule regarding this procedure.

The Office of Student Services personnel are the only staff members authorized to access student records in the vault. Once a file has entered the vault from the Admissions acceptance files, it becomes a permanent student record. A file is only removed from the vault when appropriate written requests are filed with the records office or for the purpose of re-admitting a student to the college.

Request a Transcript

Upon submission of written transcript request by the student or via an online transcript request through the NETC Portal, an official transcript of his/her academic record will be issued to the person or institution designated, provided that all the student's obligations to the college have been met.  In accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, transcripts may not be released to a third party without the written consent of the student. Current students can access an unofficial copy of their academic record online through the NETC Portal.

There are three different ways to request a transcript.

  1. Online (NETC Portal)
  2. Mail (1201 Chesterfield Highway, Cheraw, SC 29520)
  3. Fax (843-921-1476)


To request a transcript online, log into the NETC Portal. Once logged in, under Academic Profile, click on the Official Transcript Request link. Complete the form and submit.

Mail or Fax

Print and fill out the Transcript Request Form and mail or fax to the records office listed on the request form.

NOTE: There is no fee to mail a transcript. However, a $3.00 fee will apply for the records office to fax a transcript. The student must provide the appropriate fax number.

Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment verifications can be requested through the NETC Portal. Once logged into the portal, under Academic Profile, click Enrollment Verification Request. Complete the form and click submit. Enrollment verifications are processed within 24 to 48 hours.

Grade Policy

Repeating Courses: When a student repeats a course, all grades will be entered on the student's permanent academic record. However, the higher of the grades will be included in the Grade Point Average.

 All coursework attempted will be calculated in the assessment of academic progress for student financial aid purposes.

 Upon the third unsuccessful attempt of a sequence course, the student must repeat and pass any prerequisite course with a "C" or better.

Grade Reports: Grade reports will be available through the NETC Portal at the end of each semester. Verification request should be made at the records office.

Academic Honors

To achieve the President's List or Dean's List for a semester, a student must have completed at least 9 credit hours, excluding developmental work, with a 4.0 G.P.A. for the President's List and a 3.5 G.P.A. for the Dean's List.  Any "I" or "F" grades mean automatic ineligibility. For graduation purposes, all students who have a 3.5 program G.P.A. or higher on credits earned through the spring term, prior to graduation ceremonies, will be acknowledged as honor graduates.

Academic Probation/Suspension

Academic Warning: A student pursuing an associate degree, diploma or certificate program is considered to be in serious academic difficulty if his or her cumulative grade point ratio falls below 2.0, or he/she fails 50 percent of all hours attempted in developmental studies courses.

Academic Probation: Any student who fails to earn a 2.0 G.P.A. or fails 50 percent of developmental courses during an academic warning term will be subject to a term of academic probation.

Academic Suspension: Students on academic probation who fail to earn a 2.0 G.P.A. or fail 50 percent of developmental courses will be subject to academic suspension from the college. Students will be re-admitted after one term of suspension and must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. on all work attempted or pass more than 50 percent of the developmental courses attempted. Re-admission after a second term of academic suspension should include participation in counseling in the Office of Student Services to determine if the student should consider a curriculum change.

Non-academic Suspension: A student suspended from the college for non-academic reasons will be notified in writing of the length of suspension. For violations of conduct, the instructor may temporarily dismiss the student from class and refer the matter to the dean of Student Services or vice president for Academic Affairs and Student Services. Non-academic suspensions will be initiated only by the dean of Student Services. The length of the probation and/or suspension will depend on the nature of the violation.

Re-admission After Suspension: To be re-admitted after suspension, the student must submit a written request directly to the dean of Student Services.

Appeal of Academic Suspension: If you wish to appeal this academic suspension, you must submit a written statement outlining exactly why you feel an exception to this rule should be made in your case. This written statement must be submitted to the records office no later than the first day of classes of the next semester.  Upon review of the Suspension Committee, notification will be done before the end of the Add Period. The decision by the committee to continue enrollment will not restore financial aid or veterans benefits lost for lack of satisfactory progress.


The college sponsors graduation ceremonies a minimum of one time per year. Participation in the formal graduation is an option the student may choose, and fees will be assessed on the cost of caps and gowns and other materials necessary. Information regarding caps, gowns, invitations, and graduation exercises will be mailed to eligible students within the first week of May. Students who are eligible for graduation must apply for the degree/diploma/certificate and pay the fee when applicable. A late fee will be charged for degrees/diplomas requested after the term of eligibility.

Graduation packets are available in the Office of Student Services. Students should complete the graduation packet during the last term of enrollment. The packet includes placement information, application for degree or diploma and other pertinent information. Degrees are conferred when the graduation application is approved. Students earning a certificate must see his/her advisor for verification of completion. There is no charge for a certificate.

Graduation Requirements: Requirements for course work for graduation vary with the student's program.  The student is responsible for fulfilling the requirements set forth in the catalog or announced by advisor.

  1. The student must achieve a G.P.A. of 2.0 in all work applicable to the program.
  2. The student must complete the course work and the required number of credits.
  3. The student must pay all required fees and satisfy all financial obligations to the College.
  4. Earn at least 25 percent of the total credit hours of his/her curriculum at Northeastern Technical College.
  5. The student must complete the graduation packet and return it to the Office of Student Services. A late fee is charged for students who apply after the announced deadline  Certificates must be applied for; no fee is charged.

A student wishing to withdraw from the college or a course should first contact the faculty advisor to review the situation and/or to inform the advisor. The student should complete a Change of Schedule form which must be signed by the advisor and returned to the Office of Student Services. Following this procedure will protect the student's privileges of re-admission, the assignment of representative grades, and the transfer of credits. Any student who discontinues his or her work without formal withdrawal does so at the risk of having registration privileges withdrawn. It is also the student's responsibility to follow this procedure in order to be eligible for designated refunds and financial aid.

Note: Pell grants require 60 percent attendance of the semester.

Withdrawal Period: The withdrawal period shall be that period during which a student, with the permission of the faculty advisor, may withdraw from courses without academic penalty.

A student withdrawing from a course up to midterm will be assigned a "W". A grade of "W" will be assigned after midterm only if the student has instructor-documented satisfactory progress.  A grade of "WF" may be assigned for a student withdrawal after midterm when the student is not passing the course. A grade of "F" may be assigned for excessive absences without withdrawal.

Students should note on the semester calendar the last date to withdraw. After this date, students may not withdraw from class.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made according to the following regulations for students who officially withdraw from college curriculum classes:

1. Withdrawal or Net Reduction of Credit Hours:

Before the first date in the term that classes are offered


Start of term - 7th calendar day of term


Before the first date in term that classes are offered through the first 7 calendar days of the term, coures will be deleted and a 100% refund will be issued. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the 7th calendar day of the term.

2.  Refunds for terms that vary in length from the semester term will be in proportion to the semester term refund schedule in item 1.
3.  Seven (7) calendar days after the first date in the term that classes are offered constitutes the refund period.
4.  No refunds will be made to students who are terminated or who are dismissed. (Terminations are made by instructors for failure to meet attendance requirements. Dismissals are made by the administration or by committee due to disciplinary problems).
5.  To be eligible for a refund, the student must submit a Schedule Change/Withdrawal Form to the Records Office before the end of the 7th calendar day after the first class date in the term.
6.  Refunds to veterans will be made in accordance with Veterans Administration Law 12204.
7.  One hundred percent refund will be given if courses are canceled.
8.  Appeals for refunds must be addressed on the Refund Appeal Form and submitted to the dean of Student Services. No appeal will be considered after one year from term for which appeal is requested.
9.  Refunds will be processed and refund checks will be mailed within 30 days.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Confidentiality of Student Records: In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the college is restricted as to the release of certain educational records information without the written consent of the student. All student records are maintained in the record's office. The college can, however, release directory information which includes:

  1. The student's name
  2. Program of study
  3. Full or part-time status
  4. Beginning and ending dates of terms
  5. Degrees and awards received at NETC
  6. Hometown for honors recognition
  7. Previous school spring high school graduate transcripts sent to high school for follow-up purposes attended.

The information listed above may be available to the public by the college unless students notify the dean of Student Services in writing by the third week of the term requesting such information not be released.

Policy for Students With Outstanding Obligations

Any student who has an outstanding obligation (financial or other) to NETC will not be allowed to register for an additional term. The student is responsible for clearing the obligation. All academic records will be frozen and will not be completed or released until all obligations are fulfilled.

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