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Institutional Advancement

The purpose of the Division of Institutional Advancement is to provide oversight, guidance, administrative and planning support for institutional effectiveness, assessment, research, marketing, public relations, development and alumni affairs. Each of these units is subsequently charged with the responsibility of providing the best in services at all times to students, alumni, colleagues and the general community. The office of Institutional Advancement strives to recruit and retain effective and efficient staff with the highest expertise and commitment to the mission and values of Northeastern Technical College.


Erin Fann
Assistant Vice President

Denise McClintock
Statistical & Research Analyst III      

Shannon McAuley
Public Information Coordinator

David Spencer
Communications Specialist

Marilyn Collins
Administrative Specialist


Location: Room 102, Ingram Hall, NETC Cheraw Campus
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday;  8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday

Institutional Advancement is the umbrella under which the following areas support the mission of the college:

  • Alumni Affairs
  • Compliance/SACS
  • Research/Assessment
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Development

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Responsible for:

  • All activities associated with college strategic planning, annual and mid-term Key Performance Indicators.
  • All areas that require college-wide coordination in addressing challenges regarding Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment associated with all academic and non-academic areas.
  • Coordinating the effective use of all data assessment and management systems while assuring that academic integrity remains the top priority at all times;The implementation of actions relating to operational policies, determining implementation plans for the college, and ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to support related programs.
  • Periodic reviews of operational effectiveness and with providing a supportive environment conducive to staff development.
  • Accountability continues to be a key ingredient in one of the building blocks for a successful administration. The desired results must be achieved. Hence, the performances needed to achieve these results are of utmost importance. To this end, the college must have in place monitoring strategies and mechanisms to assess and evaluate performances of its functional areas and operations on a continuing basis. A primary function of this unit is the assessment and evaluation of the functional areas and operations at the college. Another key ingredient for successful administration is the efficiency and effectiveness of this office in performing its duties. To this end we seek to find and utilize the most sophisticated and reliable methods and technology to retrieve, store, analyze, interpret and report its findings.

Additionally this office provides service to the college by responding to its various requests for data. It also seeks to expand its ability to collect empirical data and provide trend analysis in order to further assist the college in assessing itself against the current "marketplace" in higher education. Activities carried out by this unit designed to achieve these objectives include:

  • Examining departments as to their level of efficiency, effectiveness and achievement of stated goals and objectives.
  • Generating institutional data and analysis in a timely manner to assist in the decision-making processes at the college. Completing the required federal, state and institutional reports in addition to other reports of interest to the college.
  • Researching, selecting and utilizing the most current state-of-the- arts technology when analyzing and reporting information.
  • Providing ongoing and evolving support for the college's futuristic needs.
  • Monitoring compliance and SACS accreditation criteria.

As the fundraising, marketing, and development arm of the college, the division enhances public understanding and recognition of the college through a variety of activities and events which generate support for the college:

  • Promotes a heightened awareness of Northeastern Technical College by creating a presence in the community and online. 
  • Building partnerships for the college among its related publics, such as alumni, parents, donors, corporations, and foundations. 
  • Promotes a heightened awareness of NETC's unique brand to key publics in the domestic and global markets through creative and quality communications. The division provides support, expertise and leadership designed to involve supporters and friends in the life of the College through special events.

To carry out these responsibilities, the following positions have been assigned to the unit.

Director of Institutional Advancement:

  • Provides leadership and guidance for all aspects of the unit.
  • Serves as the SACS Liaison and is responsible for the College's compliance with the accreditation standards of The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Research and Assessment Coordinator:

  • Dedicated to coordinating and generating institutional data and analysis.
  • Dedicated to completing and submitting federal, state and institutional reports.
  • Dedicated to assessment plans for all administrative and academic units.

Public Relations Coordinator:

  • Dedicated to marketing the college in the community and online.
  • Coordinates public relations in print, radio and social media.
  • Ensures accurate and timely delivery of information through the College website.

Digital Media Specialist:

  • Supports NETC through digital media communications through the college's website, social media sites, blogs, video, audio, and other online media outlets.
  • Provides photography and video production services to support all college marketing communications.
  • Assists the Public Relations Coordinator to develop college-wide marketing communication to support the NETC brand.

Administrative Specialist:

  • Provides administrative support.

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