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Placement Tests

Northeastern Technical Colleges requires placement information of enrolling students who wish to enter into a program of study or in any English or math courses. NETC uses the computerized test ACCUPLACER for placement purposes.

Schedule a ACCUPLACER placement test by calling the main campus in Cheraw or one of the college campuses in Bennettsville, Dillon or Pageland.

ACCUPLACER scores are in effect for two years. These tests may be waived for the student who meets one of the three criteria:

  • Has earned a degree from an accredited institution;
  • Has earned appropriate program-level college credit in English, math and/or reading (within 10 years) at NETC or another accredited institution;
  • Has appropriate SAT scores (480 Verbal, 480 Math), or ACT scores (20 Composite).

Sections of the ACCUPLACER may be required if either score is not sufficient. SAT or ACT scores must have been earned within two years of the date of enrollment.

The following is a list of the course placements derived from the ACCUPLACER test scores:

COURSE PLACEMENT                                     SENTENCE SKILLS’ SCORE

                   ENG 032                                                                    20-49

                   ENG 100                                                                    50-80

                   ENG 101                                                                    81+

COURSE PLACEMENT                                     READING COMPREHENSION SCORE

                   RDG 032                                                                    20-67

                   RDG 100                                                                    68-82

                   No Reading Required                                            83+

COURSE PLACEMENT                                     MATH/ARITHMETIC SCORE

                   MAT 032                                                                    20-49

                   MAT 150                                                                    50-79

                   MAT 101/155                                                           80-100

                   Take Elementary Algebra Test                          101+

When counseling or test scores indicate the need for additional preparation to enter the college-level courses, applicants will be offered the appropriate course(s) to provide the needed preparation. Students may also be encouraged to reevaluate their career goals. If the applicant's test scores are below the minimum cutoff scores for the developmental studies courses, he/she will be referred to Adult Education for remediation.

GED Examination Information

All test dates are on Saturday and held promptly at 8 a.m. Official SC ID and social security cards are required. All questions must be directed to GED Testing Office in Columbia. Call (803) 734-8347 or visit the S.C. Department of Education.

Success Center Testing Schedule

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