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Career Counseling

Finding the right career to suit your needs and interests can be challenging, which is why Northeastern Technical College offers free career counseling services to current and future students.

These services are offered in room 813. At the Career Center, you will find professional counselors to help you define your career goals, plan your academic pathway to achieve those goals and lead you through the admissions process so you can get started today!

You may reach the Career Center at (843) 921-6900

Occupational Counseling

"I just can't decide on a career!" Lots of people of all ages feel that way, and NETC's interest inventories are designed to help you focus your interests on specific careers. The Career Center offers interest inventories to help you discover your likes, dislikes, abilities, values, personality traits, and skills. After completing one or more of the inventories, you will find in what areas your strongest interests lie.

"I hate my current job!" Sometimes you don't know the facts about a job until you are already employed, and then you quickly decide it's not for you. NETC can help you get all the facts about a particular job or career BEFORE you start. Information includes an introduction to the occupation, working conditions and hours, earning potential, education, and training required, personal qualifications, employment outlook and advancement opportunities, and related occupations.

Resources for Research

Print materials and online resources are available to help you find information about career options as well as other colleges and universities, including admissions, programs of study, course requirements and financial aid. Computers are available for Internet access.

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Career Training at NETC

NETC invites you to prepare for your career with us! We have accredited programs in dozens of general occupational fields and specialties that can prepare you for work immediately or put you on a pathway to furthering your education. Search our Academic Pathways.

Academic Advising

When you enroll at NETC, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will guide you in choosing a program of study and what classes to take. If you plan to transfer from NETC to another college to pursue a four-year degree, your advisor will make sure you sign up for the right classes that will transfer seamlessly to the next college.

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